Promoter Directors

K Suresh Kumar

A seasoned professional with 15 years of corporate experience in multiple portfolios including project management, design, supply chain, testing and commissioning experience. He is an accomplished expert in Power Plant and associated plants. Has demonstrated expertise as an entrepreneur on his own over the past 15 years with multiple business interests on own or partnership basis.

S. Kalpana Devi

B.Com graduate by qualification and with rich experience with hands on business management skills in multiple businesses including EPC Projects and Process Chemical manufacturing unit operations. She has 20 years of hands on business management experience and now graduating into a strategic investor in new entities and creating value.

D. Sujitha

A M.C.A graduate by qualification she has an innate interest and orientation towards managing small businesses and has been steadily growing with her passion to become a full scale entrepreneur and an avid investor

D. Ponni

A B.Sc (Computer Science) graduate by qualification, she has natural abilities in analysing complex business situations and working on logical and practical solutions to them. She has developed her interests with investment in new start ups and has joined the team TecKSK. She is passionate about Photography, Art & craft, Social work etc.