Manufacturing Division

Manufacturing Division Content

Our Manufacturing Division caters to industries in the field of Power, Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers & Infrastructure. The Manufacturing Division was set up with the initial focus being supply of Spares & Services which gravitated towards the main objective which was manufacturing of heat transfer & power plant equipment.

Our team of highly skilled professionals also serve the needs of the power industry with construction of Integral Power Plants – all done with expertise, utilizing the best manufacturing techniques to produce reliable & easy to maintain equipment.

Manufacturing Division Products & Services

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Spares for Waste Heat recovery Boilers in Sulphuric Acid plant.

  • Gilled coils/Finned coils (Elements) for Economiser. (Tube SA 210 Gr A1, CI Gill)
  • Super Heater Coils. (T11 and T22) Finned and plain.

Steel Plants

Spares for Waste Heat recovery Boilers Behind Kiln.

  • Economizer & Evaporator Coils (Tube SA 210 Gr A1).
  • Super Heater Coils. (T11 and T22).
  • Water cooled Ducts and Hoods.
  • Water Wall panels (Tube fin tube).

Generation and Captive Power Plants

Spares for FBC and CFBC Boilers

  • Economizer Coils (Tube SA 210 Gr A1).
  • Super Heater Coils. (T11 and T22).
  • Bed coils (studded and plain coils).
  • Water wall panels.
  • Air Nozzles and coal Nozzle for FBC boilers.

Main steam and Feed water Piping

  • Design and preparation of drawings as per IBR 1950 for main steam-piping and feed water piping for boilers and turbines.
  • Preparation of BOQ and supply and Erection of complete Feed water and main steam piping along with Spring supports.


  • Erection and commissioning of Boilers with IBR approvals.
  • Commissioning and troubleshooting of boilers.
  • Performance and RLA study of boilers
  • Replacement of bed coils, Economizer coils, Evaporator coils and Super heater coils.
  • Revamping and conversion of Boilers.
  • Application of thermal insulation and refractory work in boilers.